Recent concerns about Funboot for Windows

In the 1990's, I released a version of my classic version of Funboot For Windows at the time for the Windows 3.1 platform.  When it was originally developed, the terms spyware and adware didn't exist.  Windows at that time was designed to be safe and while it was prone to viruses, it is not like the Windows of today.

I realize that joke programs like Funboot don't exist anymore because we are so computer dependent.  Today some people may not realize what is happening may be real or fake.  This is understandable and I do understand how much this has changed since my initial release back in the 90's. 

For the rewrite of Funboot, the source code will be released and be made to compile on Unix related systems such as Mac OS X, Linux, Open Solaris and other varients as well.  There will no official Windows port released through Sourceforge unless it's approved.  And then and only then I see the ported source code. 

I do take computer secuirty seriously and I believe that all software should have some protection in it.  It's my hope that A windows version will reflect this and take the needs of the users in mind. 

Wayne Facer
Author and developer of Funboot

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