Funboot:  The best way to start your PC

A tribute to joke programs from the 1980's to 2000.

Current Versions

Funboot 7 for DOS

Funboot 5
for Windows

Released as is with no data files
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  What was Funboot?
Funboot was a program I developed to make the tasks of booting a computer less boring.  It was designed to be a quick way to entertain you while your PC was starting up.  It was developed then as lightweight product for quick bootups and startup.  The DOS version of this program was discontinued in late 1995 and the Windows version ceased development in late 2000. 

Versions for Windows95 were developed and tested but never released to the general public. 

Why did you release the source code?
I stopped developing for this program in late 2000 as my professional life took precedence over my computer life.  While I planned to do updates, I never had chance to do so.

Is it free?
  Yes.  The original versions were released under shareware.  I've modified both the orignal documentation and original program code to reflect this.

What about the source code?
 The source code for Windows was developed and compiled on TurboC ++.  The Windows version on VB 4.0.  I've kept it a bit simple to build and should compile on newer versions of both products.

Will this work in modern systems?
  While I seriously doubt the DOS version could be recompiled without a version of Borland C++, the Windows version should work as long as you can compile the code.

About New Versions
The goal is to release the code to the open source. I really don't wish to make a new version. I do encourage those who want to make a new version to please do so

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